When One Door Closes, Another One Opens.

Hello, blog world!

It’s been a busy week. I have a few quick things I want to touch on about what’s been going on with me.

1. I started a new job that I think I am actually really going to enjoy. While it isn’t my dream job (which would include working for myself as a freelance writer and actually being paid for it…obviously :)), it is a position that does allow me to use a variety of my skills and earn a decent living. It is an IT Recruiting position for an Boutique Recruiting firm in down town Seattle. It’s a small company, but I have a lot of flexibility in my schedule, have the ability to work from home when needed, and have the opportunity to learn the industry from the ground up with people who have been in the business for over 15 years. I’m excited to be working again and making myself feel useful again. I loved having time off, but with all the running, baking, and daytime television I watched…I decided that I could never be a housewife (that is unless I had kids, but that is way too far down the road to even think about)!

2. I broke things off with Philly. The situation actually seemed to work itself out without me having to put myself in too awkward of a position. After putting a lot of thought into the “break-up,” I came to the conclusion that a mutual fade out would be the ideal situation. After all, if I was that uninterested in him, he couldn’t have possibly been smitten over me…could he? Anyway, I’d invited him to a Memorial Day weekend BBQ with my closest friends who insisted that I needed to introduce him to them because I needed a second opinion before kicking him to the curb. The big BBQ day came around and apparently he had friends in from out of town, forgot about the BBQ, and realized that he had double booked. When he said he felt like a jerk about the entire thing, I never responded to his text messages. I thought it was my easy out. Two days later he sent me a strange, vague message which read:

“Didn’t wanna make it worse.”

To me, this doesn’t logically OR grammatically make sense. I could’ve just ignored it, but I wanted to keep things classy. I simply responded with the following:

“Hey…No worries about the BBQ the other day! Keep in touch and maybe I’ll see you around sometime.”

He tried to act like what I said was fine, yet then continued to ask me how my first day at the new job was and ask more questions. Maybe he just didn’t want me to have the last word. Either way, II just didn’t reply. There is no point in carrying on a conversation via text message with someone I no longer have romantic interest in after being pretty clear that I don’t want to see him anymore. Maybe that’s a bitch move, but it takes enough time and energy communicating with the men I am interested in. I did my part by expressing to him that he’d been someone nice getting to know, but casually insinuating that I didn’t have any romantic interest in him without bruising his ego too terribly. Besides, the more energy you continue putting into people who aren’t bettering your life, the less energy you have for the ones that make you happier, make you strive to be your best self, and leave a footprint on your life and heart.

I hate to keep this post so short, but once again I have a big girl job to get up for in the morning…so I better go catch some Z’s!

❤ J

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